My parents have tried me on a number of sports, e.g. badminton, soccer and swimming when I was in primary school. It was until Primary 5 when my parents introduced me to squash, unlike other sports; I grew to like squash as I can either stroke in the court alone or with other companion and the game is fun and I particularly found it to be a good form of exercise for me.

Initially, I was enrolled in an academy’s group lessons every Saturday for 6 months. I participated in my first local competition organized by Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) under the Primary 5 category. I performed badly as there were many good players in my age group. Naturally, I was disappointed with my performance but my parents encouraged me to stay on with the game and with a family friend’s recommendation, they helped to engage a personal trainer – Mr. Victor Koh to oach me on court play, strokes and techniques; standing postions, court rules and so forth. I must admit that the training was tough under Coach Victor but he made it fun along the way, my passion for squash grew even further and I look forward to every training session with him. Apart from squash techinques, Coach Victor also constantly highlighted to me on good sportsmanship both inside and outside of court.

A year later when I was in Primary 6, I again participated in the SSRA Primary School tournament and I unexpectedly came in champion in my age group category. Many people were surprised as no one expected me to win. I was very happy and I knew that the achievement would not have happened without all the perseverance and Coach Victor’s training.

In the same year, I tried out in the ACSI- Direct School Admission selection trials to Secondary 1 under squash and was given a confirmed offer by ACSI together with two other players even before we took our PSLE. I chose ACSI because it’s one of the few schools that still prioritize squash as a CCA and I hope that one day I can get to represent ACSI on National Tournaments. On top of it, my elder brother is also in ACSI, and I want to be with the same call with him.

As for squash, I know that I still have a long way to improve on my game and as of now; all I want is to study in the school of my choice and enjoy squash as much as I can. My advice for those who have not try out squash to try it and you will probably understand what I meant by how enjoyable the game can be and also getting to know new friends.

Brandon Lee
Feb 2011