We envision a fresh generation of squash players, hobbyists and professionals alike. We seek to introduce the sport to youths and hone their skills in squash to their full potential.

Our Story

Pinnacle Squash Academy was formed in 2006 by a group of passionate professional squash coaches who collectively aim to impart knowledge and skills in squash to the youth in Singapore, as well as to increase the popularity of the sport in the country. At Pinnacle Squash Academy, it is not just about a game of squash, but a complete session of confidence building, stress releasing, physical training, flexibility and movement coordination learning. We understand and view total wellness as an important component of healthy living, and wish to bring you on the journey of holistic health through the sport.

Our Objectives

We believe in providing good learning opportunities for everyone, even for children as young as four years old. Our specially designed learning modules seek to impart good squash techniques to our students. Besides the physical aspects, we aim to build up students’ psychological mentality through fun and enriching activities. We see the importance of laying a solid foundation that will help in our students’ advancements in the sport.

Meet Our Coaches

Passion and experiences are what give us an edge over others.

Our experienced coaches and their proven track of records ensure that students receive quality training guidance.