Quicksilver TC 125


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Characteristics: The Quicksilver TC is a worthy successor to the classic Quicksilver nXS. The slender bridged head design and light 125g weight is head light. Pushed to the maximum with Thermal Core technology, and Extreme Modulus Graphite (XMG) this model has Ashaway PowerNick 18 string which is a thin 18 gauge Zyex string with the best tension holding capabilities available.

It also comes with our #1 selling cushion grip called Rad Cushion for the ultimate in grip control.

Designed for: Hard hitters who like to take the ball early, and control players who depend on racquet speed, touch and precision, will both find a lot to like in the new Quicksilver TC.

Frame: nano-CarbonXS, Quartz Carbon, XMG,

Thermal Core String: PowerNick 18 String Tension: 26 lbs with PowerNick 18 Rigidity (RF): 88 medium AFW: 125g DW: 120

Balance: Head light

Speed: 9.5 Power: 8.3 Control: 9.1

Area: 487


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